Merge and work with data in databases

With SQLMerger you'll get a straight-forward tool for comparing and merging data from different database systems.

This program is also perfect for copying, editing and browsing database contents.
SQLMerger - Compare and merge data

Best virtues:

  • Compares databases of different types, e.g. the source can be an Access database and the target a SQL Server database.

  • Can automatically display lookup texts instead of foreign (integer) keys.

  • Every change is logged in a change-script automatically.

  • The installer includes many nice and free data browsing features, also included is merging as trial/demo.
  • Purchase add-on license later for more features, like merging and more advanced editing.

"Compared to most other tools this one is great because it is very interactive and visual,
 and you have fine grained control on how you want data merged."

Free Pro Enterprise
Edit data like it was meant to
E.g. see preview of changes via intuitive color coding
Yes Yes Yes

Visual comparison,
of any data coming from any database via intuitive color coding

Yes Yes Yes

Lookup texts
Ease browsing and editing with text lookups from master table

Yes Yes Yes

Projects helps manage everything. A project can work as a process script for a large database conversion or for holding commonly used queries

Yes Yes Yes

Large texts are displayed and edited conveniently

Yes Yes Yes

Tools for merging and changing contents in a set of data

Yes Yes

Execute very long SQL scripts in a superior manner

Yes Yes
Log every database change as SQL Yes Yes
Netvork store SQL log to collect from multiple users Yes

Well-format texts a la "Send-to-processing" to "SendToProcessing" or "SEND_TO_PROCESSING".


Search and replace in tables


Delete contents in many interconnected tables and in huge amounts without overflowing log file/transaction, in the correct order automatically

Script all tables in on go (and leave while a complete script is made) Yes
Add auto-lookups for everything in one go (by consulting the database) Yes
Sort all tables in a database by determing their dependancy depth
To be able to easily insert or delete in the right order.

  • Works on all Windows versions

  • 30-days-money-back-guarantee after purchase!

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